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Permanent Makeup Removal

Okay let's just start over...literally!

With Microblading & PMU taking over the beauty world there is, unfortunatley, a LOT of bad work out there.
Whether its solid dark brows, bad shape, or the wrong color I'm sure you've seen enough memes or mirrors & you know what we mean.

So if you didn't do your research, or just went with the Groupon deal...don't worry. WE GOT YOU!

Our master artist, Jess, has professional training & years of experience when it comes to brows & permanent makeup. She is a certified tech for two types of removal.
Beauty Angel's Removal & A+ Ocean Saline Removal.

PMU removal can be preformed to completely remove the previous work or to lighten the old work enough to successfully microblading them for the very best results.!



Angel Removal

ANGEL PERMANENT MAKEUP REMOVAL is a safe, manual technique, designed to remove tattoo pigment from the skin; in particular, pigment from PMU treatments, using a simple 3 step process.


Angel Removal removes all colors and all pigments in the market.
The active ingredients in Angel Removal are the acids from antioxidant fruits such as rice, cocoa, and wheat, among others.

The first removal solutions in the market used acids from metals, which are highly aggressive to the skin.

In the case of Angel Removal, the acids it carries are from fermented fruit and they work as a chemical peel.The other ways to eliminate the tattoo on a dermatological level may leave unwanted traces such as pigment spots or scars.

Depending on on your age and skin regeneration time it may take up to 30- 60 days for full results.

You are able to wear makeup after 24 hours and there is no scabbing!

It is $300 per treatment

Saline Removal

A+ OCEAN TATTOO REMOVAL is a lightening process in which tattoo in a saline based hypertonic solution in the tattoo area. This will create a controled scab that you would keep intact until it falls off on its own in about three weeks.

The saline works to pull the pigment or ink out of the tattooed skin and into the scab. As long as the scab is intact it is working to lightne your tattoo

Depending how heavily the artist tattooed your skin, worked your skin, how deep the pigment is, etc. this could have caused the scarring and this procedure may slightly exasperate the scarring situation. 


It may not be convenient for you to have your brows red and scabby for three weeks. And though we can numbing during the process they stay quite painful to the touch for a week or so.


These can be done no sooner than four weeks apart and can take 1-6 sessions To get the brow light enough to microbladed over.

It is $150 per treatment.

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