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Procell Microchanneling

Microchanneling with ProCell is the most effective & non-invasive way to safely improve the appearance of acne, scarring, rosacea, uneven or hyperpigmented skin concerns, among other skin issues.

Procell is an anti-aging & corrective treatment that combines microchanneling as well as the application of powerful mesenchymal stem cell & cytokine protein serum.

Microchanneling will keep your skin looking & feeling younger by activating your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help smooth, tighten & lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines & even deeper 

  • Thickens the epidermis & deposits softer, lighter, more flexible collagen

  • Reduces appearance of acne and acne scarring

  • Tightens facial skin 

  • Decreases hyperpigmentation & uneven appearance

Want to tighten lax skin, get rid of acne scarring, solent surgical scars or stretch marks, and reduce pigmentation on your body? We do that too!

Procell is a mechanical stamper used to to create tiny microchannels in the skin. Procell uses needles made from tiny wire filaments. This minimizes damage to the dermis for faster recovery. These tiny preforations stimulate collagen & elastin production & increase the rate of serum absorption by 300%. 

This is followed by the application of the mesenchymal stem cell and cytokine protein serum as well as a Post Treatment Hydrating Mask. A wonderfully soothing and relaxing finish to each MicroChanneling session. Provides deep hydration with hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants, & other nutrients to leave the skin feeling instantly softer.


Clients have the option to add a 30 minute course of Celluma red light therapy ($30) immediately after their treatment to speed healing time & to optimize results.  

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