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Skin Treatments

DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry,

DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate skin to perform like youthful healthy skin. 

By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner. 

DMK’s revolutionary concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. Botanical-based paramedical products make up the DMK skin care program.


DMK Enzyme Therapy

Our Enzyme Therapy features DMK, the only company in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes.DMK Enzyme Therapy works with the skin rather than only acting on the surface of it.

Each treatment is customized to address pigmentation, acne,and aging. 

DMK Enzyme Therapy will aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live & thrive in. 

Green Plants

DMK Enzyme Therapy

 Blackheads and Congested Skin –

Dry blackheads and congestion. Employing light removal processes, this treatment focuses on clearing congestion by improving the functionality of the skin.

Rosacea, Fragile and Inflammed Skin – Rosacea, fragile and skin exhibiting poor healing capacity. This treatment is designed to quickly stem the impact of reactive skin and revise the underlying causes of the reactivity and inflammation.

Pigmentation, Sun Damage and Premature Ageing Skin – The combined formulations of this treatment together reduce and prevent the appearance of minor pigmentation caused by genetic, environmental and age-related factors.

Dry or Dehydrated Skin – This treatment resolves the problem of dry skin by stopping transepidermal water loss and increasing free water levels within the epidermis without causing irritation.

Acne –

Using DMK’s signature formulations, this treatment is the first step towards clearing congestion. Whilst working to clear congestion this treatment also improves the functionality of the skin and helps prevent the condition from reoccurring.


DMK Treatments

A-Lift® (Aesthetic Lift) – Skin fitness program
DMK A-Lift® is a 12-week program designed to revise the signs of aging and the health of your skin. By removing redundant skin cells and tightening facial muscles, the DMK A-Lift® Treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin. It gives the face its workout, similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise, restoring a healthy youthful appearance.

Bihaku – For a luminous complexion
DMK Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment is a professional program designed to help regain a brighter, more even, and radiant complexion.

Eye Fusion – A real eye opener
Whether you suffer from wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles or merely dull skin around the eyes, the DMK Eye Fusion Treatment will revitalize your appearance.

Hydradermaze – Clear the way for acne free skin
Hydradermaze is an advanced treatment program designed to help clear acne and congestion.

Instant Lift – Instant ‘pick me up’ for skin
A firm, tighten and brighten skin instantly with the DMK special occasion treatment. The perfect accessory for a wedding or party!

Liquid Laser – A non-invasive treatment of wrinkles or fragile skin
Liquid Laser is a light, non-invasive treatment that focuses on strengthening, firming, and rebuilding the skin.  Great for fine lines, superficial wrinkles, fragile, weak or dehydrated skin.

MelanoZone – Sophisticated revision of uneven skin tone
It evens out your skin tone and color, in addition, to restore a healthy, natural glow.
The MelanoZone Treatment helps to suppress and inhibit further melanin production. It is compatible with all skin conditions and tones and can be used on any area of the face or body.

Muscle Banding – Age management
Muscle Banding is about acting in advance to prevent the onset of aging.
The DMK Muscle Banding Program not only lifts and firms the skin; it can also help to restore optimal skin function, which is the key to healthy, firm skin.

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