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Master Artist

Jessie is an award winning permanent makeup artist & owner of LUXX. 

She began at Jero Accardi's Hollywood Permanent Makeup' in Miami in 2000, while simultaneously attended cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell in Louisville, KY as well as Abbot Academy in St.Louis, MO. 

She was trained as a PMU instructor with Jero Accardi in 2004 & travels the continent educating women with LUXX Beauty Academy. She is passionate about empowering other women and prides herself on "real world" teachings & thorough instruction. All the tips, tricks, & personal experience that she has gained in her own practice & exploration.

Jessie has trained with some of the industries top artist & holds over 38 PMU certifications. She is a licensed aesthetician & licensed tattoo artist in Florida, Kentucky, California & Tennessee. She accepts clients in Jacksonville & Los Angeles.

Senior Artist

3-5 years experience

LUXX does not currently have an Senior Artist,

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Junior Artist

1-3 years experience

Apprentice Artist

0-12 months experience

LUXX does not currently have an Apprentice Artist,

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