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My brows have changed changed!

Your brows will change!

well, there it be in size, color, shape, density.

Microblading was designed to only last a limited amount of time. And eventually fade away. With this also comes other changes related to the fading & pigment metabolization.

Clients general come back for touchups every 9-24 months. This varies greatly due to variety of factors; UV exposure, aftercare adherance, retinol use, auto immune conditions, integrity of skin, skincare products, oily/dry skin, etc.

If a client chooses to never recieve a touchup their microbladed brows should fade almost completely between 2-5 years depending on the above factors. PMU brows (ombre, tattooed, etc) will last much longer as the pigment is deposited deeper in the dermis that microblading.

As pigment is metabolized in the body it may change to a slight red/salmon or blue/green tone. (This is NOT the same as the redness you will experience in the first few days - Skin is angry and injured, red in the skin is normal, especially during days 1-10 as the skin is freshly cut. They will be red as any cut on your body will be.)

If it happens after a couple years, this is a completely normal part of the metabolization process.

It may happen at 2 years, 5 years, or never!

Again this is completely normal & the way different pigments compositions are processed and metabolized by your body.

(if it happens within the first year, that means that the artist that you went to most likely was not using high-quality pigments)

Don't worry, this can be fixed by an experienced artist who is skilled in color correction!)

What happens quite a bit further down the road, and this is completely normal and the just way different pigments types and ingredients are processed and metabolized in your body.

The next touch up will return the brow to the correct color.

So, to sum it up...The reason your microbladed or permanent make up can change color can be due to the following:

Within 12 months:

  • Previous artist did not a use a high-quality pigment.

  • Previous artist, did not go deep enough to deposit the pigment into the correct layer and depth of the skin, resulting in low pigment retention and super fast metabolization.

  • Autoimmune conditions as well as many of the reasons HERE that are outside factors that increase the longevity of the microblading.

  • Sun exposure

  • Skincare

  • Medications

After 2 years:

  • Artist used organic pigment + metabolization

  • Artist used synthetic pigment + metabolization

  • New autoimmune condition

  • Sun exposure

  • Skincare

  • Medications

So, what about the different types of pigments?

All brown pigments are actually made up of three colors: BLACK, YELLOW, RED - all in different levels depending on the color chosen.

  • ORGANIC PIGMENTS: Our bodies tend to metabolize and process the RED & YELLOW more quickly. And the BLACK tends to hang around longer before fading. This can eventually result in a bluish/greenish/ashy tone.

  • INORGANIC PIGMENTS: Our bodies tend to metabolize and process the BLACK & YELLOW more quickly. And the RED tends to hang around longer before fading. This can eventually result in a pinks orange tone.

Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal and happens to everyone at some point. Whether it be 9 months or 9 years. When you come in for your touchup your artist will replace the pigment that has naturally faded and color correct if needed and this neutralizes the unwanted tone.

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