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Just Breathe with Elite Energetics


An in-studio group session is held at a specific location, open to the public to come try out Breathwork any time you like.  These sessions are 1 hour in length with the expectation that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start time.  For more information on when and where these sessions take place, please refer to our “Classes”.


A private session with you and your Breathwork Facilitator located in our studio space, your home, or online.  The session can last 1 to 1.5 hours in length and can also be tailored to your personal needs much more than a group session would be.  Private sessions are great for people that are interested in trying Breathwork but are feeling unsure about what happens during the session.  They are also perfect for someone that would prefer a private one-on-one setting rather than participate within a group.


A partner session is great for any two people seeking to create a deeper connection with each other.  This session is beneficial for intimate partners or relationships and can also support your relationship with friends, family or even co-workers.   This session with you, your person of choice and the Breathwork Facilitator is located in our studio space, your home, or online.  The session can be up to 2 hours in length and usually begins with some transformational work followed by a 1 hour Breathwork session.

GROUP SESSION (3+): Email to inquire (

A private group session is great for people who want to experience Breathwork together in an intimate setting.  This can be done offsite or in our studio and can be tailored specifically to the group’s needs.  Group sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours in length and are great for creating connection within a group of people; be it family, friends, or staff! These group sessions are a perfect way to bring Breathwork to you!

MILEAGE:  All offsite sessions are charged an additional fee for mileage.

WORKSHOPS:  $30-$50 Per Person

Workshops run through the year, with a focus on specific intentions.  We facilitate workshops all over the country, in many locations.  For more information including cost and availability as well as upcoming event, please refer to our “Workshops” section of this website.  If you would like us to bring a workshop to you, email us at


Gift cards are a great way to give back to someone who needs this healing work. We feel that EVERYONE can benefit from Breathwork.  By sharing this work with someone else, YOU may just be the catalyst in helping them change their life forever!  To purchase a gift card, please click gift cards on the website. :)

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