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Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are lash hair like fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes one by one with a medical-grade adhesive to give the appearance of longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes. The extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, which can be customized to create a variety of looks.

You can customise your set by choosing from a classic set that will give you a very light look, hybrid - a little extra but still natural, or volume - for a more dramatic look


Lash Lift

A lash lift is an all-natural, semi-permanent procedure that gives you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemicals or extensions. The natural lashes are boosted from the root, giving them a lifted, lengthened appearance

This service also comes with a last tint that darkens the color of your lashes

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